Group Exercise Classes

10 Class Pass – 8 Participant Maximum


Balance is a class specifically designed to prevent balance problems from occurring and improve balance in those who have experienced a loss of it due to injury, aging, or ailment. Geared for all fitness levels, the class begins with a gentle warm up to prepare the muscles, joints, and mind. Participants are then guided through a series of functional strength training exercises for the lower body and core using a chair, fitness ball, and body weight. Because of the small class size (max 8) the Specialized Fitness instructor is able to customize each exercise for the participant’s activity level, goal, and limitation. Because of this personal attention you are sure to have a safe and fulfilling experience each and every time.


Stretch & Flow

Stretch and Flow is a comprehensive mind/body class geared to improve mobility, posture, and body awareness for better health and function. Utilizing sequences generated from yoga and tai chi, participants are guided through a range of movements in seated and standing postures, the ability to get to and from the floor is not a requirement. Focus is on spinal range of motion, which will help you feel energized. Improved posture leads to reduced pain. Better balance and body awareness will have you feeling revitalized and ready for a more full life.


Muscles & Bones

Muscles and Bones is a 60-minute group exercise class geared towards stemming the tide of fractures in later life.  Through weight bearing postures and the use of free weights and resistance bands, participants stimulate bone growth as they build total body strength.  This leads to visible changes in posture and muscle tone as well as the perhaps more beneficial ‘invisible’ changes in functional bone and muscle health.



Pilates has been proved to be one of the best core exercise to protect the back, improve flexibility and lengthen muscles. This chair class will re-train how you breathe and control your core muscles. You will see improved balance, core strength, posture and muscle definition.



Developed by Navy Seals, this unique class uses your own body weight and TRX straps for a self adjusted full body strength workout. Proper alignment will be encouraged throughout the class, for maximum benefits.



Injuries to knees are extremely common. This class will show you how to move and build strength, prevent injury or re-injury, both after surgery or physical therapy. If you have knee pain, this class is for you!


Back Health

Many people suffer from back pain – especially in the lower back. This class will help improve strength, provide proper movement, alleviate back pain and improve overall back health.



***  We’re excited to announce our new Bootcamps!!  ***

Specialized Fitness is pleased to offer bootcamps in collaboration with the EDGE mobile bootcamps! These bootcamps are great for everyone, at any fitness level! For information about upcoming sessions and camps, call (805) 574 -1777, or checkout our Facebook!